Grants to Film Schools Application Information

The HFPA Trust has a long history of supporting film education. Its goal continues to be the development of young artists in film and television art forms through support for fellowships and other support to undergraduate and graduate film schools in the United States. The HFPA Fellowships is the HFPA’s signature program to support the education of students in the Film Arts. This program provides fellowship grants on an annual basis to a selected group of higher educational institutions with film schools that have national stature and/or regional importance in the greater Los Angeles area. The specific grant giving guidelines and application materials for this program are described below.

HFPA Fellowship Grants

The institution applying for the grant will administer all HFPA Fellowships. The amount and use of the HFPA grant is to be determined by the institution for each HFPA Fellow. HFPA Fellowships may be designated for student support, tuition and/or other direct educational expenses, and/or the costs associated with developing and producing student film projects required for graduation. The HFPA prefers to make grants where 100% of its funding is used for HFPA Fellowships. However, if necessary, overhead and indirect costs not to exceed 15% of the total grant may be deducted by the educational institution. Students eligible to be HFPA Fellows include:

  • Students in the Film Arts as defined by the school including but not limited to directing, cinematography, screenwriting, producing, editing, acting, and/or set design;
  • HFPA Fellows are selected by the schools faculty and distinguished by outstanding academic and artistic excellence. Selection criteria should include academic achievement, creative and technical ability, and financial need;
  • Fellowships are given, at the discretion of the school, to support:
    • Students from underrepresented groups, especially foreign students OR
    • Students in their senior year or at graduate level requiring senior or thesis project to graduate.

HFPA Fellowship Grant Proposal Narrative

Please prepare a proposal of no more than four pages, using at least 12-point font, addressing the following questions:

Request Statement: In one sentence describe the school's proposed HFPA Fellows program, including the grant amount requested, students served, and use of fellowships. (This statement should also appear on the application cover page.)

Film School Description: Briefly describe the school’s mission, educational approach, curriculum, past record of accomplishments, and leadership. What are the distinguishing characteristics and track record of your school and why should HFPA select it to administer the HFPA Fellows program? Include information about how the proposed fellowship program fits with or expands upon the school’s goals.

Proposed Fellowship Program: Outline your school’s proposed HFPA Fellows program. Please be brief while providing as much detail as possible. Be sure to define and estimate the number of students, their profile, selection procedures, amount and purpose of fellowships, and plans to monitor and report student progress to the HFPA. Describe how the proposed program addresses an important and unmet need for students with talent and promise in film and television.

Description of Parent Institution: Please include a brief description of the institution of which the film school is a part.

Acknowledgements: Explain the manner in which the HFPA Fellowship grant will be acknowledged. This should include, as appropriate, recognition in publications, screening credits, and public announcements at funded and other selected events.

Project Budget: Provide a numeric budget for the proposed Fellowships with a break-down of anticipated Fellowship amounts per student, and include as a separate item administrative overhead, if any.

List of required attachments to application:

  1. Organization’s Financial Statement: Provide a copy of the organization’s last available annual audit or financial statement for the prior fiscal year.
  2. Tax Exemption: Include a copy of your organization’s current 501c3 letter from the IRS verifying its nonprofit status.
  3. Board of Directors Roster: List of the organization’s Board of Director’s with affiliations.

Please submit the grant application form(s) and all required and supplemental materials by email to  If possible, include a Word copy of the narrative.  Additional materials that cannot be sent via email may be sent to

Grants Officer
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
PO Box 368
11693 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

If you have any questions, please email the Grants Officer at