We could feed you some long diatribe about the noble nature of our quest, but we'll save you all of that.

All of us have been involved with mountain biking in one way or another for a very long time. We like to ride and we think we should give something
back to the sport. So we build trails or help others to build trails. Call it advocacy if you like. Middle aged now, but we plan on riding trails until we're very, very old.

We like grain based carbonated beverages. We have been known to eat lots of food after a ride.

We like single-speeds, tandems, Clydesdales, free-riding and road bikes. Ah hell, if it's called a bike we like it. Eccentric? Maybe. But we don't care as long as its fun.

IMBA works to keep trails open for mountain bikers by encouraging responsible riding and supporting volunteer trail work.

We like that Mission Statement. The MAMBO KINGS plan to do the same thing for Ontario.
We'll bring you some interesting events and we hope that you come out to help us build some trails.


PRESIDENT FOR LIFE (as long as his wife says it's okay) EDWARDIS REGIS I - Ed Zacharewski
BISHOP OF THE COURT - social convener, and wielder of the Royal Pulaski - Dave Seto
Mike Badyk - 
Royal Web Site Sage
Bill Ramshaw - Town Crier
Andrew Szafranski - Chancellor of the Exchequer
Jim Best - Magus of Fire and Forge and Court Beverage Tester
Lora Woolner and Mark Schmidt - Travelling Minstrels