Epic - New Trail

 One of the other problems below Log Road was that there wasn't much room for a run out. You had to lock them up and then turn left. After this you went downhill and turned up another climb, which was showing signs of erosion.

The obvious solution was to continue the original trail to eliminate the turn, but the brain storming session led to an innovative idea - continue the trail right up the slope, twisting and turning to the top of the next hill. Prettier, a better climb and erosion resistant. Thanks to the Bobcat MT50 for making the mother of all bench cuts around the slope.

Thanks to Mark and Lora for building us an awesome teeter-totter to go at the start of the new trail.

P1010215 P1010219 P1010221 P1010222
P1010215.jpg P1010219.jpg P1010221.jpg P1010222.jpg
P1010223 P1010224 P1010227 P1010234
P1010223.jpg P1010224.jpg P1010227.jpg P1010234.jpg
P1010244 P1010245 P1010263 P6140517
P1010244.jpg P1010245.jpg P1010263.jpg P6140517.jpg