Q: ¿Cuando comienza el torneo de juego de bolos? (When is the bowling tournament?)
A: Don't know. Try

Q: When is dance class?
A: If you are young and female, any of the kings would be glad to teach you the horizontal Mambo. Please email us for an appointment.

Q: Um, like all my friends are like, really dope, y'know, but like...
A: Piss off until you're old enough to speak properly!

Q: What is a MAMBO?
A: It is a ballroom dance that originated in Cuba, similar to the rumba and the cha-cha. The Mambo is an analogy for life. The way we interact with each other, with the bike, and with our environment is a dance. It involves give and take, we often take one step forward and three back, and it's usually a sweaty business. We believe that life and the dance both work best when music is involved (even if only you can hear it), and it is done with passionate commitment.

Q: Are there MAMBO Queens?
A: Yes, sort of. Some of the kings have been known to cross-dress.

Q: What is Hi-Ten?
A: Something not found under a Mambo King, except under exceptional circumstances: (e.g. You are drunk in Shanghai, and you buy a $5 bike from a pawn shop to ride back to Beijing, so you can catch your flight home).