A noble idea was hatched in the depths of the winter
of 2002/2003. Bring a new type of event to Ontario.

An IMBA Epic.
Not just a ride, but trail work as well.
Lots of people ride, but very few actually answer the call
to build what the MTB tribe uses.
Here's the illustrated story of the Mansfield Epic.

We have lots of people that we need to thank.

IMBA and Heather for dealing with us Canucks.
Dwayne from MAMBO for finding awesome maple syrup.
Chef Matt for giving us pancakes to put the syrup on, and for keeping our stomachs full.
Kitchen elves Vanessa, Bill and Bob for helping out Matt.
Clif Bars for everywhere!
Mark and Lora, the IMBA Trail Care Crew, our MAMBO Travelling Minstrels, for returning home to help us.
Ancaster Cycle and Best Bike Works for the draw prizes.
East Side Cycle for Blast Bars and PowerGels.
Seynet for the Ontario MTB video draw prizes.
Blackburn for the mini-pumps for EVERYONE!
Creemore Springs Brewery for their generous support and the way great tour of their home.
W.O.W. Ltd MTB Events for logistical support.
Airway Printers for the Epic Route signs.
Canadian Cyclist for registration help.
A. van Egmond Construction Limited for the donation of nearly $1000 of tools!
Matthews Equipment Ltd. of Barrie for the loan of the Bobcat MT50.
The other IMBA clubs who came and helped.
All the MAMBO's for chipping in many hours of their time.
President Ed for doing trail work and then not having any Creemore so that he could drive home.
Last, but not least the Mansfield Outdoor Centre and the Dufferin County Forest for letting the Epic happen!

October 2002 - May 2003
Planning, planning and more planning.

June 11
Trail marking in the Dufferin County Forest.

June 12
Trail marking on the Mansfield Outdoor Centre
Trail work planning with the IMBA Trail Care Crew
A plot is hatched!

 June 13
The Bobcat MT50 arrives and preliminary trail work begins. People arrive and join in the fun.
Heather Szabo from IMBA in Denver arrives.
Participants arrive all evening and several Creemores are consumed.

 June 14

Chef Matt make us awesome pancakes and sausages
and sends us out into the woods with full bellys.

Mark and Lora, our IMBA Trail Care Crew leads
everyone on a walk-through of the planned trail.
Pics of The Start

As part of the project some of the old trail had to be closed and reclaimed.
Pics of Trail Reclaiming

A big section of new trail was built climbing a nearby hill.
Pics of The New Trail

The Berm was the biggest project.
It was necessary to get people down a hill without causing erosion.
Pics of The Berm

If you're going to build big then you need lots of tools.
The Bobcat MT50 is awesome!
Thanks to A. van Egmond Construction Ltd. for the donation of all of the tools.
We will use them for years.
Pics of the Trail Tools

Another part of the Trail Work was protecting the trail on a downslope.
We call it Log Road.
It's still way fun, but now it won't erode.
Pics of Log Road

Log Road wouldn't have happened without chain saws.
Pics of Fun With Chain Saws

Chef Matt stuffs us with pasta,
salad and more. Many Creemores are poured.
Afterwards we were pleased to have the Trail Care Crew do their slide show about Trails Around The World.
We proceed to enjoy Joan's
Killer Brownies, then some go
out for a night ride, and others
enjoy a big campfire.
Pics of Slide Show

 The Noble Trail Workers

June 15
Work hard and then enjoy
the fruits of our labour.
Pancakes and sausage again
to fuel our morning.
Clif Bars for the trail!
The IMBA Epic @ Mansfield